SEO is an abbreviation used for “Search Engine Optimization”. Search Engine Optimization operations are a set of technical criteria that make enables us to browse websites more easily.  It is divided into two types as in-site and off-site SEO. It includes all of the actions taken to promote search engines.

SEO’s main aim is to rank higher in search engines. This is to ensure that the information, services or sales on the sites are delivered to a more relevant audience.
SEO; is the art of reaching the web popularity that sites can not reach with natural ways using natural looking methods. This web popularity brings the higher ranking on Google with it.We can describe this kind of “popularity” as being popular in the world of internet.

Being ranked in the higher places of Google is the best way of advertisement but it is only possibe by advertising. In short, your site rises to the top as a result of all the promotions and advertisements you make to popularize your site.
Google understands that a site is becoming popular, from the regular increase in the number of visitors, and from links and information sharing about the site. As channels and numbers of these shares increase, popularity becomes more natural and robust.
The popularity of a site is assessed by considering it from the moment it is launched, and reflected directly in search engine results.

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