E-commerce is the name given to web sites that are opened with systems that enable you to sell products on the internet. You can use the payment system you like on these sites. You can sell products to the consumers who want to buy products from the internet or you can buy products from the supplier company. You can add an unlimited number of products to your e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sites have a management panel. This management panel is designed to be easily and easily understood so that changes can be made to the opened site. As an example, you can click on the product insertion area in this management panel to add products. You are asked to enter the product name, price, images and other information. As soon as you complete these transactions, this product will be published on the site you own. Now the sale of that product can be done with the payment systems used. In the same way, product categories, pages, news from us, and other areas on the site can be managed.

In short, electronic commerce is a system that enables internet shopping with the help of various devices (tablet computer, internet, pc, android mobile phones). These systems cover all the features necessary to trade on the Internet.

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